Daintree National Park River Crossing - Picture Tour

Daintree National Park River Crossing

The ‘Mighty Daintree River’ is known for its scenic beauty, from the diversity of the flora and fauna on the banks of the river to the grandeur of the mountains off in the distance.

To get across the river the early timber cutters would have to drag logs down to the river and chain them together, braving the crocodiles to raft them out to the ships headed for Cairns. But thankfully there’s a much safer way for you to get across the river today.

The Daintree Ferry takes cars over the river crossing and it’s an experience not to be missed! You must remain in your vehicle as you cross but you’ll still be able to see views up and down the river while you coast to the other bank.

The river crossing operates 6am to midnight every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day and Good Friday. There are occasional breaks in the crossings as a result of the extreme wet season rains but you aren’t likely to be sightseeing when the weather is like this anyway.

If you’d like to experience more of the Daintree and Mighty Daintree River you can always book a River Cruise or check out Daintree accommodation.

Daintree National Park River Crossing

Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland